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There is just one brand that is universally recognised for excellence, excitement and technical innovation: and Boat City is proud to all of our new boats with Yamaha. If you want leading edge, high performance technology that turns into adrenalin packing excitement... Then you've found it!
Everyday, across every continent on earth we deliver state of the art engineering and bulletproof reliability... On the water, on the road, on the track. The Yamaha logo has become a symbol of excellence and trust.
Reliability, Performance and Innovation, these words are commonly used in describing Yamaha's proven methods worldwide. For decades, Yamaha components have been solely engineered in house and designed specifically to enhance the performance of Yamaha outboards. Every component is manufactured and tested to Yamaha's unwavering standards, guaranteeing years of trouble free performance and reliability.
Yamaha engineers are constantly in pursuit of delivering the most satisfying boating experience possible. Renowned for their legendary reliability, Yamaha components have always been engineered using the finest materials and to Yamaha's stringent quality of standards. With performance in mind, each component is designed to work in harmony with the rest of the vessel and deliver that legendary level of performance satisfaction that only a Yamaha can.
Yamaha engineers over the years pushed the boundaries of innovation, by continually investing their industry leading technology and development into a key range of products: Propellers, gauges, remote controls, ignition switches, wiring harnesses, control cables and fuel filters.
While investing in genuine Yamaha components is proven to maximise performance and reliability, these innovative components also aid in retaining the maximum resale value for your investment.
With class leading engines in both two stroke and four stroke platforms, Yamaha Outboards have proven to Go The Distance, with each component helping to deliver uncontested performance and that legendary, timeless reliability.
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