Coraline 700 Longrunner Platinum


When it comes to serious fishing from a boat, the most desirable attribute is space and plenty of it.

Which is where Coraline’s new 700 Long Runner Platinum vessel enters the equation. As indicated by it’s name, this boat’s hull is 7m long.

It has a 2.2m beam, 5mm hull plates, 4mm side plates and carries 120 litres of fuel, which can be doubled by opting for a second underfloor tank.

Visually it is a true long boat, with a narrow profile designed to slice smoothly when the going gets heavy.

The .5m deep full-width boarding platform provides heaps of space to traverse from one side to the other, with plenty of room between transom and engine housing.

A three-step angled ladder with crosshatched treads provides easy access to the platform, and the transom door is solidly built.

Large storage compartments under the transom easily handle batteries and other equipment, with a 20 cm space under the compartments allowing good purchase for the feet.

Gunwales are about 15 cm wide, with two angled rod holders with clip-on caps installed on each side, adjacent to the cockpit.

Solid handrails on the gunwales provide excellent grab points when underway, and larger rails extend from the helm to the bow. There is loads of room in the cockpit, with at least 2m of space from transom to the back of the driver’s seat and a 200-litre self-flooding kill tank behind the seat.

Side pockets about 2.2m long are on either side, extending form the transom to the helm.

The top of the transom and gunwales are coated with a non-slip finish, as is the hard top, where a couple of handrails are installed.

The cockpit and other floor areas are carpeted in mock tiger skin material, as is a full-width deep shelf under the centre console driver’s domain.

Another shelf below that provides more storage space and a small recessed shelf immediately below the instruments is tailor made for keys and camera.

The wide, nicely cushioned captain’s seat has a rear-facing storage compartment with large door to accommodate life jackets and flares.

There is a no-nonsense stainless steel steering wheel, well-positioned instruments and a tinted wraparound windscreen.

This is a dry boat, which easily got up to 38mp/h when powered by a 115hp engine. Six rod holders are lined up along the rear edge of the canopy and there is plenty of underfloor storage space forward, under the one-step-up bow platform.

Obviously designed for the serious fisherman, this boat has fine, clean lines and has solid rubber gunnel protection strips installed on both sides.

It has a roller installed on the bow sprit, self-draining anchor well and three heavy-duty cross-style galvanised bollards – one at the front and two at the rear. The hull is foam filled, hydraulic steering is installed and EPIRB, 27mhz marine radio/aerial, four flotation devices and offshore flares are standard.